Thursday, December 13, 2012

A world without Liberals..

Without Liberals, America would not retain a "free-thinking" trait, hence, if it goes against corporate America or the Government, it will be crushed immediately.

Without Liberals, the rights of men will be forgotten in favor of only what's best for white America. The minorities, despite composing an ever greater percentage of the population, will be condemned in any way possible.

Without Liberals, progress will slow to a crawl. Scientific institutions will not exist, as a great deal of America's brightest are self-described Liberals.

Without Liberals, corporations will become far more powerful than anything imaginable today. They will run, unrestricted, due to the destruction of the EPA and other regulatory agencies. The worker will be subject to a much more powerful ruling class.

Without Liberals, Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Welfare, Food stamps, Unemployment and Obamacare would cease to exist. If you loose your job, you wind up on the street. The numbers of homeless Americans would rise to all time heights without a "security blanket" if shit happens.

Without Liberals, the freedom of the internet would be over quickly, as SOPA would pass without resistance. Anything and everything that is currently "Free" would cost $$$. Speaking out over the internet will be seen as treasonous, and those individuals, whom's rights have been stripped away, will be imprisoned for going against doctrine.

Without Liberals, the art world in America would be almost non-existent. Without culture, society would turn to the only form of entertainment society would have to offer, which would be the limited works of Hollywood, and the displays put on by the churches.

Without Liberals, homosexuals would be imprisoned for just existing, or subjected to incredibly cruel "gay cure" camps. Suicides among teenagers would rise to all time heights as there is nobody out there to hear their story, to help them see other avenues and to give hope.

Without Liberals, the world quickly races towards, at least for America, a second dark age of scientific repression and theologian dominated government.

If you would love to see us disappear, this is the world you will be left with. Not too pretty is it?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Why I'm voting for Obama..

1. I trust him more than the Republican candidate.  This trust is based on the fact that Obama has very few broad changes of opinion, unlike Romney who seems to follow the flavor of the week.

2. He has shown the compassion of a true Christian.  Obamacare isn't meant to push us into a socialist regime. It's a stab at trying to maintain a HEALTHY American public.  If the populace is HEALTHY and doesn't have to worry about extremely high medical bills, they can focus their energy on worthwhile activities, like work, free enterprise and more.

3. I do not see Republican interests as favoring the general working man in the slightest.  I do not see them "looking towards the future."  In fact, I see them pretty much focusing on the past, despite the advances in technology that promise great things for us all.

4. He is not driven to follow the Bible for his daily governing.  Being limited by any religious document, that was created by men 2,000 years ago, is lunacy.  Anyone that does this should NOT be allowed to take office at all.  If you're so rigid in your decisions, you cannot be open to new concepts that may arise in the future.

5. He has shown himself to be a capable President on the world stage.  I haven't seen any gigantic terrorist attack on the US homeland under his watch.  I haven't seen any gigantic losses of life other than natural disasters, on his watch.  I haven't seen any TRUE threats that are really serious enough to change policy in America.  The only acts of terrorism duing his tenure thus far has been from the Radical Right, like the temple shooting for one.

6. He inherited one of the worst economies on record, and got it moving again without favoring any particular group over others.

Yes, I vote Obama because he IS a true LEADER, not some hack the Republicans found floating in the Massachusetts governor's mansion.

Monday, October 29, 2012

How much do we know about Mitt Romney?

How much do you really know about Mitt Romney?
Aside from scattered reports about his activities at Bain, obviously edited family stories and concessions by party affiliates, there is not a great deal to go on.  

I hear many Republicans state that Obama has a past shrouded in mystery, but a few easy checks and you realize that is due to a lack of research skills.  Shockingly enough, less information is openly available on Mitt Romney than Barack Obama.  Romney has led a very private life and it seems as though he wants to continue this trend into the White House.

This is not something to support, but abhor.  If you are going to lead 350 MILLION people, all of whom will look up to the President for an example to live by, you CANNOT be a private individual.  Your life must be open to scrutiny.  You must show the people that you have lived within the law, that you respect the rules of the United States and that you are of a sufficient moral character to speak for a nation as diverse as ours.

If you are a Republican and your support of Mitt Romney is mainly based on the fact that your family, friends, and/or co-workers support him, or you always vote Republican, you should not rest so easy, ignorant of the real man behind the campaign.  Obama is personable, and has opened up his life to cameras many times.  Romney always looks nervous or anxious to stop when interviewed.  Do you really want a man like this running things?

If you can tell me some facts about Mitt Romney, that show that he is qualified to run the GOVERNMENT, not a business, enlighten me.  If you can do this without saying anything negative Obama, I will have respect for you.  

To be fair, I am voting for Obama, but I will list my problems with him:
1. He dreams too big.
2. He needs to hear the voices of the conservatives as much as my own liberal voice.
3. He should only invest in a company that has a green technology that offers a "revolution," not every company that is "potentially profitable"
4. He needs to focus on the positives, not the negatives generated by the feuding parties.

Can you honestly name some faults in your candidate? If you cannot, ignorance prevails.

How to get an unbiased viewpoint...

Anyone that ever tries to say, "this source is unbiased" is not lying, they just don't realize that every organization carries anywhere from a small amount to an overly visible bias.  Take FoxNews and MSNBC, both represent opposite ends of the spectrum.  On the left, you have MSNBC, depending on the political climate CNN can be center-right or center-left, and FoxNews is obviously on the right.  So, how do you truly find a source that offers very little in the way of opinion?

Usually you must find a source out of a location where American politics aren't really a priority.

This means these sources can be used:
BBC, NHK, RT, Al Jazerra English

If someone on the right wants to gather the TRUE Liberal opinion, don't watch FoxNews or listen to "Rush" to get it.  Actually watch "Liberal media" as you call it.  If you are strong enough in your convictions, watching it will only do one thing, let you hear the unfiltered liberal positions to base your arguments on.  When I hear about a controversial, to liberals, issue that Republicans are pushing, I watch FoxNews to get their perspective.  Next I seek an outside source, like the BBC, to get as much "Fact" on it as possible, as being biased either right or left kills the trust needed to accept facts from the likes of FoxNews and MSNBC.

I think anyone that says "Conservative" or "Liberal" media is useless needs to step back and look at its possible benefits instead of only focusing on negatives.
I am confident enough to say that Obama has his problems, as everyone does, Romney included, but my faith in him is through his acts, which I have referenced and cross-checked to verify the truth.  Republicans like to fact check Democrats and vice versa; however, rarely though does one do an in-depth study on the candidate their party stands behind.  How many of you have honestly used the great resources of the internet or a public library and studied Mitt Romney?

I think if you are standing behind someone, you should know everything about that man.  If you are liberal, you should do the exact same with Obama.  Go study him, listen to every viewpoint and disseminate the truth through the "facts" that are repeated over and over in different places.  Don't take the word of a solitary source.

Nuff Said

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The reasons you should meet more people..

  The reason people dislike homosexuals is because of church dogma and what other people like themselves say about them.  Hardly ANYONE that actually knows one personally and has seen their homes/life would know that they are not deserving of the negativity that is poured their way.  Get to know one before you make grand statements about their lives.

 The reason people place so much distrust in African-Americans is due to the fact that they might have NEVER gotten to properly know one.  Working with one is completely different than hanging out, eating dinner at their house and letting your kids play with theirs.  I once had my misgivings about them, as most whites do(be honest with yourselves), but I was invited over for dinner once, then twice, now..many times.  I can safely say that I trust them as much as any other person I know.

  The primary reason people dislike Arabians and Muslims is because of what they hear over the news.  Muslim stories always make big news with Americans, as many of believe that to be Muslim instantly makes one a terrorist.  I have gotten to know many over the years and most have a little more serious approach to the typical, after seeing their lives, LAZY American.  They take any chance possible to get ahead, whether it be accepting no social life to study to be a doctor or work 18 hours a day running a store by themselves, saving everything.  The reason you see them purchase so much is because they SAVE everything.  Here in Texas, they always chose the cheapest places to live, drive crap, and have maybe a few scant pieces of furniture, with $250,000 in the bank.  If more Americans did this, we'd be doing great as a nation..

To Conservatives, each of these types are evil or untrustworthy, but to me, each gives a wonderful chance to learn about someone different and to grow as a person.

Conservatives Need to Understand Liberals..

Conservatives view Liberals worse than we view them. People want to say we are facists? Do you even know the definition of half the terms you throw at us? Facists are comparable to Adolf Hitler, a madman who killed millions. I don't see anyone on the side of Liberalism going out and killing innocent monks at a temple. You sure do on the right though! 

People say Liberals are Marxist and Communist, but have any of you actually taken the time to familiarize yourself with either concept outside of what Rush Limbaugh says. If you don't want to sound uneducated, then go read Karl Marx's "Communist Manifesto" and no, it's not traitorous to read it, as anyone that wants to understand the "do's and don'ts" of government needs to examine it. 

People say Liberals are lazy and unemployed. I'm sorry, but I don't see alot of Liberals stuffing the trailer parks of Texas, I see Conservatives. A great deal of those in the food stamp line or getting government benefits will proudly say "Fuck Obama" or something derogatory about the party.(I did a story at my college paper on that, and found it to be the opposite of what I had originally thought). I do see Liberals in college, seeking higher education while working sometimes two to three side jobs to stay afloat. Most of the Conservative college kids get picked up by mommy and daddy each day so that they can debunk all that was said by the "Liberal Professors".. 

I see Conservatives seeing ONE Liberal acting afoul, or they see the Occupy Wall Street movement and think that embodies ALL Liberals. It does not. I myself consider myself to be a mix of both Conservative and Liberal, but I identify with the latter. I live in Texas; thus, some of what people believe here has rubbed off, or always been present. 

If you really want to get to know the TRUE Liberal opinion, watch our talk shows. The only reason you wouldn't is because you think it might MAKE you a Liberal. If your mind is that weak, then I guess there's no hope for you either way. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Critical Thinking Texans..

Usually, if something gets off the ground in the great conservative bastion of Texas, it spreads to other like minded states. What could be the reason that Rick Perry would attempt to wipe Philosophy and critical thinking oriented classes off the curriculum other than to suppress peoples ability to question "authority" figures. 

What a ploy like that stinks of is a theologically totalitarian government... Something that I see secretly hiding in not all, but a few conservatives. I have heard, "Christianity should be the only allowed religion, and those that don't like it can go home." (I live in the western areas of Fort Worth, Tx....Verrrrrrry Conservative) 

Another thing this smells of is the dark ages, where the church had absolute authority and anyone that questioned it must be a heretic(see modern Liberal). 

If there is no philosophy, there is no progress, as every single branch of the scientific world started with a philosopher wondering, "why does this work, how does it do it, can I duplicate this.." People should always emulate the child in their insatiable curiosity. Too often now, both Liberals and Conservatives alike hear a passing news story about the opposition, blow it out of proportion, and get into an immature bicker fest for which there really are no winners, only loosers. You need to keep asking, "Why? How can I trust this news source? How often do they publish erroneous reports? How often have they been accused of stretching the facts?" Once you answer this, go in search of new sources and compare the stories from one agency to the next. Absorb their views, but do not emulate it. Listen to both Liberals and Conservatives. 

I am a Liberal, and just spent the past two hours reading the headlines in the politics forum of FoxNews and Breitbart, the two most conservative forces on the web. I do this so I can understand my opponents and their motivations. I believe conservatives really should do the same, but don't turn on MSNBC with the intention to insult everything, just watch, listen, absorb their side of things, then make a calculated decision based on both sides. 

If we all did this, I think we'd have a bit more peace when a Conservative speaks about Liberals, and vice versa.